Mind Body & Soul, Inc, a nonprofit 501c3 organization in Charlotte, is requesting $6000 to supplement our sponsorship of 20 disadvantaged youth for an 8-week Superhero summer camp. The children come from one of the poorest neighborhoods in Charlotte. The 2020 median household income was $10,797, with 86.6 % Black, and 83.2% of residents receiving public assistance. Only 30.4% had access to high-speed internet. The area is in food and healthcare deserts ( Few can afford a car; most depend on public transportation. Additionally, the area still contains outdated public housing, with exposure to such contaminants as lead, mold, and pesticides that can interfere with brain development and function. Only 9.8 % of the elementary age children achieved test proficiency in 2019 (pre-pandemic). For middle school, test proficiency was at 11.4% (


We use Superheroes as a trauma-responsive way to engage youth, build confidence, develop positive relationships, strengthen communication skills, regulate emotions, and improve overall health and wellness.

Summer Camp Components:

There are four components:


      1. Weight Training: Superhero weight lifting is led by certified fitness training coaches. All participants learn proper warm ups and equipment/techniques for strengthening various muscle groupings using superhero references (e.g., Sonic runs, Spiderman Jumps, Captain America Curls, Black Panther Bench Press, etc.). Through weekly repetition, youth build strength, confidence, and consistency, while learning muscle physiology and exercise techniques. Progress charts record baseline measurements and development of muscle strength, balance, and coordination over time.

      1. Nutrition & Meal Prep: Participants learn to plan and prepare healthy meals, and the importance of foods for health and muscle building. They will also learn about foods (and drink) that lead to health problems like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Participants will plan and cook meals under the direction of a professional chef. Lessons include Kitchen Compliance, Basic Cooking Skills and Methods, Menu Development, Timing, Meal Preparation, and Presentation.

      1. Cultural Arts: Artistic expression is an effective tool for trauma-affected children and youth who find it challenging to articulate experiences in words alone. Activities include creating a unique superhero persona, painting, mask and t-shirt design, digital storytelling, and music creation.

      1. Character Building: Trauma-responsive life skills assist youth with regulating trauma, understanding impacts of their life situations on mood and decision-making, and helps make better decisions, focus on education, and refrain from violent activity. We cover such character traits as keeping thoughts positive; being honest, kind, and generous; practicing dedication, determination, and consistency; setting and achieving goals; and learning from failures and mistakes.

    Sponsorship Request:

    Mind Body & Soul, Inc is requesting $6000 to supplement our sponsorship of 20 disadvantaged youth for an 8-week Superhero summer camp.

    Call to Action:

    If you’re interested in supporting our Superhero summer camp and making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth, please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

    Banner for Superhero Summer Camp 2023 at Southview Recreation Center sponsored by Mind Body & Soul, Inc.

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