About Lifting Inspirations

About us


• Mission: Inspiring young male confidence, character, leadership, and community-building
through weightlifting, wellness, and mentorship.

• Vision: 
Lifting Inspirations envisions a nation of strong, confident, and courageous young men.
These men are resilient to adversity and equipped for leadership.

Core Values:

• Integrity: We hold ourselves to standards of excellence that involve personal and company
honesty, transparency, and accountability.

• Safe and Progressive: 
Building strength through weight lifting is a process. We start the youth
with lighter weight and make progress over time. Weightlifting is supervised at all times,
ensuring personal attention, proper form, and age and strength-appropriate weights.

• Trauma-Responsive: 
We view youth behavior through a trauma lens, paying attention to
behaviors that reflect exposure to traumatizing experiences. We practice patience, empathy and
compassion, encourage authentic relationships and youth voice expression to foster healing and
utilize trauma-aware coaching practices for sports as trauma intervention.

• Culture-Affirming: 
We respect and uplift racial identity, uphold diverse perspectives,
experiences and learning styles celebrate cultural and personal difference, support
individual and group dignity, and where necessary, encourage critical reflection on stereotypes,
personal bias, and other damaging assumptions.

• Respect:
 We teach and role model honor and respect for elders, respect for self and peers,
teachers, family, and members of the community, respect for rules, laws, and property.

• Belief and Perseverance: 
We steadfastly believe in the excellence of each young male. We use
strengths-based approaches to support and encourage, and maintain an unwavering commitment to
helping each youth overcome adversity.


Our Coaches

Dr Laurie Garo


Dawan Nolton


Fermina “Mimi” Beauford​






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