Dawan, a New Jersey native had dreams of becoming an NFL linebacker but God had other plans. Dawan, a popular football player in college was scouted to play for the National Football League but after being cut by several teams he pursued a career in law enforcement.

One night on duty, Dawan (@swolton_hd) posted a selfie on his Instagram page which went viral, making him into a social media personality. With over 50K followers, Dawan was featured in a 2017 calendar “The Men Of Honor” with other law enforcement officers which raised money for underprivileged children.

During his off time, he dedicates his time to fitness, his wife, 3 beautiful daughters, a clothing line, and a personal training business. With his love for God and his love for helping others, his career will only continue to grow. Dawan did a feature interview on Power 105.1 “The Sit Down” with host EmEz. Dawan has now resigned from the Police force and pursuing bodybuilding and building his brand “Swole HD” and fitness training full time.

Dawan currently holds a certification in personal training in which he obtained in 2016. Dawan is a signed model/actor with two top agencies out of New York and Atlanta. Each day Dawan looks to get better and better in protecting his craft.

Social media (Instagram):  @swolton_hd

Website: https://www.swolehd.com

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