Trey Rhodes wrestled throughout high school under the leadership of Coach Kevin Waters. He went on to wrestle in college for Campbellsville University, becoming D2 nationally ranked and an NAIA All-American wrestler. He has since moved on to competing in Jiu jitsu under Charlotte Jiu-Jitsu Academy and has placed first in multiple International Brazillian Jiu jitsu Federation tournaments. He received his blue belt in the Summer of 2021, given by Coach John James Piper. Rhodes is no stranger to coaching, and alongside Coach Waters, he helped develop kids into successful wrestlers in Georgia. Using that blueprint Coach Waters provided to him, he hopes to replicate that program in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to developing successful wrestlers, he has added a spin on things by adding elements of Jiu-jitsu into the mix. The reason is that not only do certain elements of jiu-jitsu supplement wrestling but it also provides another path for kids to follow. By introducing jiu-jitsu now, they are more likely to stay active in the off-season or after their wrestling career ends. Rhodes aims to become a mentor to kids on and off the mat.

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