Nurturing Confidence, Character, and Community Leadership

At Lifting Inspirations, we're on a mission to foster a transformative journey for male youth of color, one that ignites confidence, shapes strong character, nurtures youth leadership, and strengthens community bonds. Our innovative approach, tailored to their unique experiences, serves as a beacon of hope. Through weightlifting, wellness practices, and mentorship, we empower these young individuals to rise above adversity.

Our dedicated trainers not only guide them in weightlifting techniques but also serve as mentors, supporting their holistic growth through yoga and life-skills fitness activities. By embracing their cultural identity and offering a safe, understanding environment, we're paving the way for a generation of empowered leaders who uplift themselves and their communities.

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Weight and Strength Training

We provide exceptional personal weight and strength training to help young people in the Greater Charlotte area reach their full potential. We specialize in helping our clients develop their physical strength, mental resilience, and emotional well-being.

Life Skills

Our life skills program is designed to help teenagers succeed in life. Our team of experienced mentors provide guidance and support to help them develop important life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and decision-making. By taking part in our program, teens can gain self-confidence, build meaningful relationships and set goals for their future. With our help, they can gain an invaluable understanding of how to make their lives more successful and fulfilling.

Athletic Yoga and Meditation

Our skilled and experienced guru will guide youth in their journey to reach both physical and mental well-being. Our specialized classes are designed to help strengthen both the body and mind, as well as develop a greater level of self-awareness and understanding. With our fun and interactive activities, youth will learn how to move, stretch, and flex their way to a healthier and more balanced life. Join us on the path to a healthier, happier life!

Career Exploration

Our Career Exploration Program is designed to give mentees the guidance they need to make informed decisions about their future. Through our dedicated mentorship, we will provide personalized support and advice to help them find their ideal career path and develop strategies to reach their professional goals. We are committed to helping mentees reach their maximum potential and discover their unique place in the workforce.


Our nutrition program offers targeted meal plans tailored to meet the individual's health needs. Our dedicated coaches are on hand to provide personalized support and advice, helping to ensure healthy eating habits for our youth. We also provide general health strategies designed to empower our youth to make informed decisions about their diet and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Aerobic ("Cardio") Exercise

Our youth fitness cardio program is designed to help your kids lose weight, improve their cardiovascular and lung health, and bring more energy and enthusiasm to their days. Our cardio workouts are tailored to their individual needs, with moves and exercises specifically chosen to help them reach their goals. With our guidance and support, your kids can have fun while getting fit, staying healthy, and feeling great.

Wrestling and Jiujitsu

Martial arts, such as Jiujitsu and Wrestling, support physical and mental health by promoting well-being and serving as therapy for maladaptive behaviors in children and adolescents. These disciplines teach students to overcome fears, build relationships, and modify thinking and behavior patterns. Key therapeutic elements include role-modeling, ethical behavior, physical exercise, and group participation. Martial arts aid in emotion regulation, relationship building, and counter hypervigilance in traumatized youth. Benefits extend to improved balance, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory health, stress reduction, enhanced sleep, cognitive functioning, and immune system strengthening, making martial arts a holistic mind-body therapy.

Cultural Arts

The Cultural Arts Program at our organization provides a unique opportunity for boys and girls, empowering them through the performing arts. We understand that the performing arts can be a powerful therapeutic intervention that can help regulate trauma and promote a sense of justice. By involving boys in the cultural arts, we can provide a safe space to help them heal and grow.

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