Building Character, Lifting Lives

Our program utilizes a trauma-responsive and culture-affirming approach to help youth, particularly Black males, overcome potentially traumatizing life adversities that may include exposure to violence, racial and social injustice, and socio-economic challenges. Lifting weights strengthens the body and the mind-body connection, regulates trauma to enable mental focus, and helps youth develop lifelong positive health and wellness habits. Certified fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting coaches are strong role models for youth. 

The mentorship of the mostly male trainers and coaches, most of them Black, occurs naturally while lifting and contributes to healing. Their mentoring while training inspires youth to strengthen their character in ways that contribute to success in school and in life. Additionally, the wellness practices of mindfulness and yoga teach athletic yoga, the fundamentals of stretching, and the value of meditation. Character education is infused into these practices as well.

Program-related character building includes self-confidence, discipline, persistence, taking direction from others, setting goals and working to achieve results, critical thinking, communication, self-advocacy, and overall healthy forms of stress release. Additionally, the program introduces youth to potential careers within the fitness industry and pathways to those careers.

Unleashing Potential, One Rep at a Time

Youth Health & Wellness Programs

Youth Health & Wellness Programs

Community Violence Intervention

Lifting Inspirations, LLC, and our non-profit arm, Mind, Body & Soul, Inc. have …
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Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

We are grateful to the Kaiser Permanente Center for Gun Violence Research and Education …
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Weight and Strength Training

We provide weight training programs for youth in schools, agencies, and organizations to …
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Athletic Yoga and Meditation

Athletic Yoga and Meditation provide a unique approach to fitness that is specifically …
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Aerobic (“Cardio”) Exercise

Aerobic or cardio exercise is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular health. This …
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Cultural Arts

We offer a unique approach to helping boys regulate trauma and address social injustice …
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Character Building Life Skills

Lifting Inspirations is committed to character building and instilling social and …
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At Lifting Inspirations, we believe that proper nutrition is essential for overall …
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For those youth interested in competition, we offer specialized training tailored to …
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Career Exploration

The pursuit of holistic well-being encompasses not only physical and mental health but …
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Wrestling and Jiujitsu

Within the realm of physical and psychological well-being, martial arts have emerged as …
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Connect for Empowerment and Growth

We're thrilled that you're interested in Lifting Inspirations' unique approach to nurturing resilience and empowering youth. Whether you're curious about our innovative programs, the transformative impact of weightlifting and wellness, or how mentorship plays a pivotal role in our mission, we're here to answer your questions. Reach out through the form below, and let's embark on a journey of positive change together. Your inquiry matters, and we're excited to hear from you!

Geospatial Services

Spatial Analysis & Modeling

Laurie has extensive experience utilizing geospatial data to analyze spatial inequalities, for site selection, and discover spatial patterns and relationships. Some of her work includes modeling trauma vulnerability and disproportionate suspending of Black male students; examining Children’s exposure to neighborhood poverty and violence and impacts on school outcomes; impacts of gentrification on environmental justice communities; modeling risk for infant and child exposure to environmental toxins; patterns of poor road and bridge condition among environmental justice communities; neighborhood violence and juvenile delinquency; and gun violence intervention strategies. 

Laurie is available to assist with your spatial analysis needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

Cartographic Services

Laurie is highly trained in cartography in the US and Europe. She has drawn maps for journals, educational publications, and research projects, and was editor of the North Carolina Atlas and the NC Greenhouse Gas Inventory. If you need maps for any purpose, contact us for a free consultation.