Youth Health & Wellness Programs

Wrestling and Jiujitsu

Within the realm of physical and psychological well-being, martial arts have emerged as conduits for holistic growth, particularly salient in their therapeutic applications for children and adolescents. Wrestling and Jiujitsu, in particular, constitute embodied forms of therapy that transcend physical exercise. These disciplines, integral to our program, serve as invaluable tools for addressing maladaptive behaviors that can arise from trauma.

Through participation in wrestling and Jiujitsu, students engage in a transformative journey that extends beyond the mat. These disciplines instill courage in the face of fears, foster the development of meaningful connections, and facilitate cognitive and behavioral shifts. Central to their therapeutic efficacy are elements such as role-modeling, ethical conduct, physical exertion, and collaborative engagement. Martial arts function as potent regulators of emotions, fostering the cultivation of healthy relationships, and mitigating hypervigilance among youth who have experienced trauma.

The holistic benefits of wrestling and Jiujitsu are manifold, encompassing not only psychological well-being but also physical vitality. Enhanced balance, musculoskeletal fortitude, improved cardiovascular health, and immune system resilience are among the physiological rewards. Moreover, engagement in these martial arts translates into stress reduction, enhanced sleep quality, heightened cognitive acuity, and bolstered immune system functionality. As conduits for mind-body synergy, wrestling and Jiujitsu stand as integral components of our comprehensive approach to fostering the growth and well-being of the young individuals we serve.


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