Youth Health & Wellness Programs

Weight and Strength Training

We provide weight training programs for youth in schools, agencies, and organizations to ensure equitable access to fitness training. Our certified fitness coaches lead weight training sessions for small groups or classes, with an emphasis on safety and personal attention. We follow guidelines from reputable sources, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, to ensure that our programs are age-appropriate and safe for youth.

Our weight training programs are not limited to traditional weightlifting. We also incorporate other forms of strength training, stretching, yoga, and aerobic exercise to promote well-rounded physical development and prevent injury. All activities are closely supervised by trained coaches to ensure proper technique and form.

Participants learn proper warm-up and cool-down techniques, as well as breathing and lifting techniques. They also learn the names of the muscle groups being worked on during the training sessions. Through weekly repetitions, participants develop muscle strength, balance, and coordination while gaining knowledge of muscle physiology and personal training techniques. Progress charts are used to track the development of muscle strength over time.

At scheduled intervals, participants are tested for strength, technique, and knowledge. This allows them to see their progress and take pride in their achievements. It also prepares them to study for personal training certification when they are of age.

Our focus is on providing safe and effective weight training programs for young males (and also females) who may not have access to fitness training due to financial or transportation barriers. We are committed to promoting the physical and mental well-being of all youth, and we believe that weight training can be an important part of that.


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