Building Character, Lifting Lives

A Journey of Healing and Transformation

Lifting Inspirations isn't merely a name; it encapsulates a profound vision that skillfully harmonizes our founder's personal passions, professional qualifications, and life experiences into an array of programs designed to empower young minds. With an unwavering passion for bodybuilding, she uncovers not only physical prowess but also mental wellness, a result of the regimen's dedication. Witnessing the disciplined lives of other bodybuilders who extend their helping hand fuels her own motivation, often earning her the title of an inspiration. It's this very synergy that makes the name "Lifting Inspirations" so apt—a testament to her affection for lifting and the wellspring of inspiration it awakens, both within herself and in others.
However, the tapestry of her journey unravels further. As a survivor of childhood trauma, she carries within her a profound understanding of its intricacies. Her experience within a system meant to nurture children lends her unique insights. Despite her lifelong engagement in sports, she didn't fully grasp the potential of physical activity to assist individuals confronting adversity. Her own experience attests to the literal life-saving impact of athleticism. Fond memories of supportive adults who guided her path serve as the impetus for her mission to offer similar guidance to today's youth.
Her academic pursuits culminated in a PhD in Education, which she focused on helping young individuals grappling with life's challenges. She's also adept in the realm of bodybuilding, recognizing its therapeutic potential. Armed with this amalgamation of knowledge, she shapes the programs at Lifting Inspirations to make a palpable difference.
The backdrop of the pandemic served as a stark reminder of the paramount importance of holistic well-being, encompassing both physical fortitude and mental resilience. Through 25 years of tenure at a university, she undertook research and community engagement initiatives, with a concentrated effort on curbing violence. Her passion for nurturing young minds grew immensely throughout these experiences. In a defining decision in 2021, she bid adieu to her teaching career to give rise to Lifting Inspirations—an embodiment of her fervent commitment to fostering growth, strength, and empowerment among today's youth, mirroring the support she herself received during her formative years.